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About the company

With more than twenty years’ experience in the production of die-casting machines, TEBOWA NUR offers to our customers the die-casting machines and automated cells of TST series, produced in the Russian Federation.

Today TEBOWA NUR at its own facilities produces die-casting machines and automated cells with locking force from 160 to 3500 tons, and provides services for the renovation and modernization of die-casting machines for any sizes and manufacturers.


About our products

The project for the TST series DCM and automated die-casting systems has been developed in joint cooperation with Italian engineers. Due to application of advanced technologies and know-how developments, the TST machines meet all international standards and can compete with the leading European brands on equal footing.

The use of a dual circuit five-phase injection mechanism with an external gas multiplier which has an independent circuit eliminates hydraulic shock, provides high compression rate and minimum multiplied pressure rise time, which significantly improves the casting quality. It also allows for the production of castings of any complexity, both thin-walled (0.5 mm wall thickness) and thick-walled, which meet the highest requirements for the geometric accuracy and porosity.

The use of well-thought hydraulic circuit and components from leading world manufacturers, and modern control system that provides a real time equipment control significantly increases the equipment reliability and operational safety, so the machine can be operated 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. The multi-level access system to the process parameters setup, intelligence self-diagnosis system, monitoring and statistical systems can eliminate the “human factor” and protect the information and equipment from non-authorized intervention. At the same time, the machines are easy to use and can be operated by personal with no special skills.




Metal filling, mold lubrication, casting pull-out, and other operations can be performed automatically by means of high-speed automated devices with a joint control station which provides monitoring and setting of all parameters. The high integration level of DCM and automation tools help to create a fully automated casting cell with maximum productivity and efficiency.


Backup system for molds ensures quick changeover to the casting. The parameters for each mold ever installed on a machine can be set in a few minutes by retrieving them from computer memory.

By saving the production statistics on a computer hard drive it is possible to analyze the downtime causes and optimize the work organization. The computer memory stores, since installation of the equipment, its operation data, such as the quantity of products manufactured for a particular shift, waste quantity, equipment downtime, downtime causes, and actions of operators. All the data are protected with a password and can be accessed only by the managing staff, which is one of the most effective tools of supervision over the operators work. Real-time transfer mode of pressing schemes and measured process parameters from the casting machine to the central computer post via a computer network enables to control the equipment operation from any computer located in the technologist or the works manager office.


The use of proportional hydraulic equipment by Parker Hannifin and invertors enables to adjust the pump power and unload the motor at predetermined points which results in 30%-40% reduction of power consumption

The use of ICS-TEBOWA NUR system enables to monitor the pressing process with automatic control and saving all process parameters on the computer’s hard drive, which today is one of the mandatory conditions required to obtain orders for critical duty castings.


The supervisor system provides control over operation of all machine units and, if necessary, indicates problem points and notifies the staff of the required maintenance.

Centralized lubrication system ensures reliable protection of expensive mechanical parts against premature wear and damage. Protection system is fully compliant with the safety standards: CE European standard and technical regulations requirements. Aqueous glycol solution can be used as a hydraulic fluid to eliminate the fire hazard. Automatic locking and guards system, application of certified electronic security modules only prevent any unexpected actions of the machine and staff access into dangerous zones.


Service support

Service support is performed on the “24.7.365” base. The customer service provides continuous availability of experienced staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so that to give our customers every technical support such as:

  • commissioning works;
  • training of customer’s maintenance staff;
  • warrantee maintenance, with the technicians arriving within 24-48 hours;
  • special after-warrantee maintenance program which provides our full responsibility for the equipment operation after the warranty period expiry;
  • ability to obtain qualified phone advice at any time;
  • fast delivery of spare parts, etc.


Renovation of die-casting machines

Acquisition of new die-casting machines requires significant costs, while many companies still possess a large stock of old equipment operated for many years, renovation of which would be much cheaper. Today our specialists have developed projects of modernization and overhaul of die-casting machines of all sizes manufactured by Buhler, Italpresse, Idra, Triulzi, Vihorlat, Siblitmash, Litmash, and others.

Renovation of die-casting machines includes complete replacement of hydro-electro-pneumatic systems, control systems, and installing the new injection unit from TST DCM.

We use components of the world’s leading manufacturers as Vickers, Parker Hannifin, Siemens, OMT, Alfa Laval, ABB, and others.

After a renovation the customer receives a reliable and high-productive machine with technical characteristics that fully meet modern European requirements for die-casting equipment. It's also worth mentioning that one of the major advantages is the cost of renovation, which ranges from 75% to 50% of the price of a new machine of similar class and level.


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